Village Girl vs New Holland 3600-2 Tractor Demo with 5 Tyne cultivator

In my village New tractor NEW HOLLAND 3600 2 Demo showing village girl performance with 5 Tyne cultivator and Rotavator
And this is awesome experience. Village girl already drives many tractors but this is first time drive new holland tractor in field.
new holland dealers in many places like oklahoma and India US, New Holland near me Kallakurichi and Villupuram have dealers. New Holland tractor dealers all are good coz while contact them good response and good respect with farmers.
new holland tractors for sale and mostly using agricultural like cultivator and rotavator use only.
New Holland 3600 -2 all rounder plus 50 hp TX, new Holland 3600-2 secret power

Village Girl vs New Holland 3600-2 Tractor Demo with 5 Tyne cultivator and Rotavator


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