Village Girl Driving Mahindra mini tractor & cultivator | MAHINDRA JIVO 245 DI 4WD - Come to Village

Mahindra tractor vs Village Girl
Faming land use mini cultivator and village girl driving a Mahindra mini tractor i.e. MAHINDRA JIVO 245 DI 4WD. This tractor very helpful small level plant and no need more workers it reduced all kind of work. Come to village channel full support this JIVO DI 4WD good tyre grip front and back while driving this have two kind of option 1. Normal 2WD and 2. 4WD Options. We have to choice when we will need and based on situation.
My village king of driver giving instruction for village girl how to driver and how to use mini tractor.
From my village launched new Mahindra JIVO245 DI 4WD mini tractor. This mini tractor very good performance, power and more profit given for village farmers. Mahindra JIVO is very helpful sugarcane land and banana farming, cultivation and small type of all kind of work used Mahindra JIVO 24HP 4WD.
Ex-Showroom Pirce is Rs.3.90 Lakh.
Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD Mini Tractor
Di Engine.
Automatic Draft & Depth Control
Highest Efficiency for sparing in vineyard and Interculture Operations
Designed tough, for toughest usage, in multiple applications
Advance design for the best is style and comfort
Stylish wrap around head lamps
High ground clearance
High Lift capacity
Stylish instrument Cluster
Mahindra JIVO brings unmatched power with its highest torque of 86 Nm to carry out all operations with ease, and the highest PTO HP to efficiently drive all implements.
It brings superb performance with a strong metal body for everyday rugged use, a high lift capacity of 750 kg for lifting heavy loads easily, 4-wheel drive for better traction, and the capacity to pull variety of implements.
Mahindra JIVO also means greater profits because of its low maintenance, best in class mileage, and easy spare part availability with low cost of parts. Get the new Mahindra JIVO to experience power, performance and profit like never before.
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India's first time launch Swaraj 963 tractor harvester at my village / India’s no.1 tractor harvester
lorry accident with sugarcane load / truck accident with heavy load sugarcane
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